Snow Gathered


About Experience

Embark on an exhilarating adventure where up to 8 players venture through a vast, wire-free arena, navigating icy walls and intricate tunnels armed with incredible snowball guns, all within our festive Christmas-themed experience.

In this virtual reality wonderland, roam freely across various themed levels—be it Christmas wonderlands, swashbuckling pirate realms, cosmic space odysseys, whimsical playgrounds, eerie haunted mansions, or intense battlegrounds—each offering unique challenges and thrills to target your opponents.

Experience the thrill of free-roaming VR in a safe and entertaining environment suitable for the whole family, aged 7 and up. Unleash the joy of VR like never before as you dive into a world where fun knows no bounds!

This activity is only suitable for children 9+

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Snow Gathered